X-ray Machines and Explosives and Narcotics Trace Detectors

What we are looking for:
We are currently looking to expand in several key markets.

We are looking for interested end users for direct sales, and even more so for experienced dependable, and well established distributors, from countries including but not limited to:

-All African States
-Czech Republic

Please do not hesitate to contact by email at jessicac@a-clear.com in case of interest, we can arrange a meeting at our stand Hall 5 #L083. In the meantime you can see our full product offering at: www.a-clear.com

What we offer:
At Autoclear, niche security products are our domaine, specializing for several decades in the manufacturing of x-ray inspection units, from a tunnel size of 35x45cm up to 2x2 meters, as well as portable and desktop trace detection units used for pinpointing small trace amounts of explosives and/or narcotics.

Our top selling products are:

-E3500 handheld explosives trace detector
-EN5000 desktop explosives and narcotics trace detector
-5333 x-ray inspection tunnel for hand baggage
-6040 x-ray inspection tunnel for hand baggage
-100100T x-ray inspection tunnel for cargo
-6444bzd Backscatter x-ray tunnel for organic threats

For the following primary uses:

-Passenger, staff, and visitor checkpoint applications
-Corporate, government, and private security
-Critical infrastructure security
-Mail screening
-Prison screening
-Customs and borders
-Military and police; force protection
-VIP screening
-Embassies and consulates
-Royal and diplomatic protection
-High security events

  • Individual equipements
  • Major risks
  • Civil defence
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Protection Systems

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement
  • Other: Distributor Agreements


mrs Jessica Conway
European Sales Manager

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