Acustek Limited Audio/Video Surveillance, TSCM, Forensic LAB

What we are looking for:
We are looking for distributors in several countries for the re-selling and promotion of our solutions in local territories.

What we offer:
Our products are primarily used by security organisations, police, audio forensic laboratories, law enforcement agencies and the intelligence community. Acustek is recognised as a leading International implementation organisation for Audio Forensics Departments.
We have audio and video covert trasmission over WiFi or 3G signal as well as Digital RF Spectrum Analyzer system.
Acustek will be launching a new radar system for the detection of movements on the other side of the wall in rapid intervention scenarios as well as Hostages situations. We also have a complete set of audio Forensic software.
All our products will be LIVE demonstrated at our stand.

  • Transmissions
  • Communications
  • Surveillance
  • Civil defence
  • Security

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


mr Mr Alasdair Carwood
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