IT Solutions & Services for Banking, Payments & Financial Institutions

What we are looking for:
We seek to work with banking and payment processors in the EU that are looking at building strategic services partners for their payment landscape. We offer end to end services in,

1. Consultancy
2. Development Services
3. Independent Testing Services
4. Integration Services
5. Portfolio Migration Services
6. Application Support Services

Our domain services can cover,

1. Card & Loan Platforms (VisionPLUS, PRIME, TS2 etc)
2. Core Banking Platforms (T24, Finacle etc)
3. Switching Platforms (Postilion, IST etc)
4. Fraud & risk Platforms (FALCON, PRM etc)
5. Middleware Application (Oracle ESB, IIB, Mule etc)
6. Business Process Management (PEGA)

Our technology offering covers the entire gamut of offering across Mainframes, AS/400, Linux and Windows applications.

What we offer:
Attra is an Banking and Payments services company offering high end consultancy, development, testing, application support and system integration services to banks, financial institutions and third party payment processors worldwide.

We remain a niche services company providing services predominantly in the areas of cards & loans, switching, core banking, risk & fraud applications. We assist FI's with requirement sizing, implementing technical solutions, integration disparate applications for a bank in the payment landscape, independent testing services covering system integration, user acceptance, post implementation testing services as well as managing applications with 24X7 support.

Our services are aimed at offering a one-stop solution for a bank’s services requirements.

  • IT/Computing
  • Training services
  • Payment services
  • NFC
  • Contactless

Collaboration sought:
  • Other: IT Services


mr Sudeep Chakravarthy
Global Presales Head

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