What we are looking for:
Buskro is interested to engage in communication with an established business who would be interested in becoming a Buskro Dealer/Distributor in France/Belgium.

What we offer:
Buskro’s Card Personalization System or CPS is the latest addition to Buskro’s complete line. The CPS is a fully-integrated, purpose-built solution, designed specifically for the plastic card personalization industry.
The CPS is comprised of four main elements: Buskro’s powerful and proven Compose IQ software package; our complete family of inkjet printing solutions; our most recent innovations; Buskro’s MRW high-speed, magnetic, stripe writing and verification unit; and the modular MTS transport system.
The most recent development of the CPS is Buskro’s MRW magnetic stripe encode/decode module. The MRW was engineered to seamlessly integrate with Buskro’s system architecture. Designed and tested to meet the latest ISO standards, the MRW offers encoding on up to three tracks at speeds in excess of 20,000

Collaboration sought:
  • Other: Distributor Agreement


mr Mr Dan Murray
International Sales Support Manager
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