3D Facial Biometry for Desktop & Mobile devices

What we are looking for:
SPIKENET is seeking first for Customers operating in the field of secured transaction such as Credit Card operator, Payment System operators.
We also week for solution integrators in the field of secured transactions. On line - Off line.

Other integrators & manufacturers in the field of Access Control are welcome. You can integrate easily Spikenet technology for face and card authentication without using RFID cards & readers, or fingerprint sensors: a simple camera for robust authentication.

More globally, Spikenet welcome business and technical partners for integration, packaging, distribution and sales of its existing products as well as development of new products.
The company offers licenses and technical cooperation agreements to companies for applications in the Security field.

What we offer:
Using an unique artificial vision technology, Spikenet develops high end video analytics solutions.

We are introducing our new 3D Facial authentication solution for Secured Transactions on desktop and Mobile devices.

Our software learns your face under multiple angles, then authenticate you only if different angles have matched.
Unlike classic facial biometric solutions based on keypoints extraction which can be fooled by a 2D photo, our process requires an actual face to match in 3D.
The system get even more robust by requesting recognitionn of private visual key (a family photo, pics of your pet, visit card, logo).

It's all sofware, it uses existing camera, no additional sensors.
It can be seamlessly integrated into your secured transaction process.
Local processing. No cloud.

  • Authentification
  • Access control
  • Surveillance
  • Specific cross-functional technologies
  • E-transaction
  • Payment services
  • Safety
  • Security

Collaboration sought:
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement



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