Underwater Video and Sonar Inspection Solutions

What we offer:
Underwater video and sonar inspection and monitoring solutions such as mini-ROVs, unmanned catamarans and diver cameras. These systems are ultra portable and are specially adapted for shallow waters (<150 m) and turbid environment.
Ship hulls inspection
Harbors, jetties, dock inspection
Navigation and detection of objects in turbid environment
Static and mobile targets detection
Permanent underwater monitoring
Bespoke solutions to answer specific needs in underwater observation, intervention or monitoring, based on customer supplied specifications.
Research fields:
-Wireless underwater optical communication
-Acoustic imaging treatment software
-3D time of flight imaging
-Integrated robotic solutions (platforms + sensors)

  • Civil defence
  • Safety
  • Security

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement


mr Président Yves Chardard
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