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What we are looking for:
we are looking for the technical/business partners to expand our sales to global markets.
Our end-customer is a financial institution, carriers, transport operators, government agencies that accept IC cards and related solutions. we're trying to make partnership with vertical/horizontal value chains including semiconductor/Lab/manufacturer or other biometric technology companies for future business advances.

Nowadays we also focus on ID project such like a epassport, eNID, e-driving licenses, e-healthcare. UBIVELOX meets the contract with KOMSCO for ID card solutions.
KOMSCO is the sole corporation invested 100% by the Korean government to whom they supplied National ID card, Banknotes, Coins, e-passports. UBIVELOX and KOMSCO have developed COS for Java Card and e-Passport which were certified as CC EAL 5+, world's best grade, for the Chip and COS.

We are convinced that UBIVELOX can provide relevant information and business opportunity to expand your market.
If you desire to discuss any further technical or business related matters we would be delighted to setup the meeting schedule.

What we offer:
Our company focuses on two main business fields: Smart cards and related systems. The first business domain deals with several fields such as banking, telecommunication, transportation and national ID (smart) cards. What’s more, we provide smart card system solutions as well as secure elements (SE).
Our competitive advantage in the smart card industry is that we provide smart cards, related solutions and manufacturing system. We hold the 6th position amongst the global smart card market and strive to be a pioneer in technology. What makes us the top 6th company is that we deliver 80 million banking cards to our customers per year and we produce 40 to 50 million cards as licensed business System on chip (SOC).

Our company already received the CC authentication which guaranties the security and credibility of our products. What’s more in the transportation field we hold the monopole for HIPASS prepaid cards and 70% market share for HIPASS credit cards. The HI-pass system allows drivers to pay highway tolls without having to stop and hand over cash. We also develop T money services which can be used on the Bus, Taxis and subways. T-money is a rechargeable series of cards and other "smart" devices used for paying transportation fares in and around Seoul and other areas of South Korea.
Our smart card category consists of Ucard 10 (Small size memory, contact), Ucard 20 (Middle size memory, contact), Ucard 30 (Dual interface), U card USIM (telecommunication), Ucard eSE.

Ucard 10 is an economic contact type product. Its specifications are that it is a low cost and has a low data profile. Several applications can be installed within one chip such as VISA, Master, JCB, PBOC and AMEX and so forth.
Ucard 20 is also a contact type card. It supports large size memory as well as several kinds of applications
Ucard 30 is a dual interface card type (contact and contactless). This product line provides products with high security and various memory sizes. It is our most optimized product line featuring highly flexible platforms which support the requirements of Java and MULTOS based on Single/Multi Application SMART CARD solution.
Ucard USIM is applied to mobile devices. It supports various interface and NFC function. UBIVELOX’s smartcard has a 30% higher performance than our competitors. Furthermore we have a unique knowledge and knowhow in the smartcard application field. Thanks to its high memory and NFC technology, our next generation USIM products can provide various kinds of services (mobile payment, transportation, membership, and multimedia contains)
Our company’s technology plays an important role in overseas market such as in India, Malaysia, Thailand and Brazil. In South Korea UBIVELOX stands as a leader in the smart card industry with clients such as KB bank (the largest bank of Korea), KOMSCO, Samsung card, Hyundai card and many more.

  • Localisation
  • Authentification
  • Access control
  • Consultancy
  • M2M
  • Smart cards
  • Payment services
  • NFC
  • Contactless
  • Security

Collaboration sought:
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Licence Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement


mrs manager Song Yuha
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