Automatic Speech Processing

What we are looking for:
1/ Direct customers such as governmental agencies
2/ integrators involved in interception domain or data mining interested in adding value to their product by using the capability of our software to make raw audio searchable.

What we offer:
Filtering information in audio data is critical for national security in order to ensure the protection of citizens and as such is a strategic need for many governmental agencies. Vocapia develops leading edge technologies to automatically transform large volumes of unstructured audio data to meaningful textual information. The VoxSigma software suite is available for licensing and as a web service.
The functionalities include audio segmentation, speaker diarization, language identification and spoken word transcription. Main applications are lawful interception, intelligence analysis, audio mining, keyword and topic spotting. Most European languages are supported as well as Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Ukrainian...

  • Communications
  • Specific cross-functional technologies

Collaboration sought:
  • Other: integrator


mr Bernard PROUTS

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