Securing identity with mobile Enrollment and Identity Management Solutions in Remote Geographical Areas

What we are looking for:
Vision-Box works with Government entities and private organizations worldwide aiming to modernize identity management processes and improve people identification in a variety of scenarios. Vision-Box has developed a game-changing end-to-end approach to electronic Identity Management: the Trusted Chain of Identity. From the biometric and biographic enrollment of a citizen, through eDocument delivery using self-service dispensing solutions, to identity verification scenarios (for instance at Air, Land and Sea borders), our solution integrates all points of interaction between citizens and governments into a robust platform, which provides our customers with full real-time control over the enrollment and delivery processes for eID Documents, as well as of the security of their borders.

What we offer:
With a track record of 3000 Identity Management solutions, responsible for more than 50 Million biometric enrollment processes for eDocuments, and 1000 Automated Border Control solutions successfully implemented worldwide, Vision-Box is now unveiling the answer to the challenges of enrolling people in remote areas without access to government services, enrolling or verifying the identity of migrants at borders, or easily intensifying identification procedures at borders. Vision-Box is launching the redesigned and reengineered biographic & biometric enrollment & verification solution e-pass portable. A 30 -second process guarantees a high quality capture of face, fingerprints and signature captures- optionally iris, including extended autonomy, light weight and new adaptive lighting system!

  • Authentification
  • Access control
  • Surveillance
  • Civil defence
  • Governmental bodies and specialist press
  • Data protection
  • Smart cards
  • Payment services
  • Safety
  • Security

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Commercial Agreement


mrs Miss Jessica Jaishil
Marketing Assistant
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