Worldline Wallet

What we are looking for:
Banks, schemes, merchants interested in implementing a Wallet or mobile payment solution.
Business or technical partners that can add value to our solution by either complementary features or new distribution and reach.

What we offer:
Worldline Wallet is a secure container of digital identity that facilitates customer identification and transactions in a smooth and secure way.
It enables :
* secure enrollment and customer identity verification
* online (Web) payment
* in-app payment
* in-store payment, based either on QR code, NFC/HCE or BLE technologies on mobile.
* customer identification at merchant touch points
* loyalty and couponing integration
* specific use cases on request

Worldline is the European leader of Wallet solution providers, with more than 500 banks and 7000 merchants connected, and 7M active wallets on its platform.

Worldline Wallet is certified for MasterPass and Visa and MasterCard Cloud-Based Payments specifications.
It powers the successful projects Paylib, BC/MC mobile, MasterPass for German banks, and many HCE trials over Europe and Asia.

  • Authentification
  • IT/Computing
  • Mobility
  • E-transaction
  • Payment services
  • NFC
  • Contactless

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Commercial Agreement


mr Michel-Ange Camhi
Senior Business Developer

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