Worldline Digital Wallet

What we are looking for:
Potential customers or partners could be any kind of wallet provider in the wallet ecosystem market (banks, card schemes, retail merchants, telco operators, IT players ...).

Based on its assets and skills, Worldline is able to position on different business fields :
- cardholder and cards enrolment,
- identity digitization,
- tokenization service,
- wallet management functions (mobile app handled or back-office handled),
- payment triggering (card-based or account-based, in-store or online context use cases),
- transaction historic logs storage and retrieval,
- value added services (eg loyalty features),
- (...)

What we offer:
Worldline Wallet is a secure container of digital identity, enabling a company (bank or merchant) to identify easily and securely a customer at any touch point, via its smartphone or any device. It comprises a Wallet server platform hosted by Worldline in a PCI-DSS certified environment that manages enrolment, secure storage and retrieval of data at transaction time through APIs with the company’s IT and customer-facing systems, and of a Mobile SDK to be integrated into the company’s mobile application.

It relies on strong enrolment and two-factor authentication solutions to bring reinforced security with a convenient user experience (password can be replaced by a PIN or integration of biometric sensor APIs).

It can also be linked with fraud detection systems to be able to score enrolment and transactions and apply the right level of security measures to either strengthen or loosen the level of authentication required depending on the risk of the transaction and of the customer.


  • Authentification
  • E-transaction
  • Payment services
  • Contactless
  • Safety
  • Security

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Licence Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement


mr Guillaume REGNAULT
WALLET Product Manager

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