• Farmingtons Automotive GmbH

    Farmingtons Automotive GmbH [Visitor]

  • FIME

    FIME [Exhibitor]

    FIME is specialised in testing services, tools & consultancy for all the smartcard sector.
    NFC, PCI, HCE & EMV are the key areas ...

  • Fly-N-Sense

    Fly-N-Sense [Exhibitor]

    Fly-n-Sense designs, produces and commercializes near and far field mapping drone systems and day/night real time video, for secur...


    FLYTECH [Exhibitor]

    Flytech Technology, founded in 1984, with 30 years-experienced in hardware system, focuses on providing point of service systems s...

  • Freescale

    Freescale [Exhibitor]

    Freescale offers a broad range of solutions that address stationary point-of-sale (POS) terminals, portable POS terminals and coun...


    GENMED [Exhibitor]


    GICAT [Exhibitor]

    Le GICAT, groupement professionnel créé en 1978, compte 196 adhérents, grands groupes, entreprises de taille intermédiaire (ETI), ...


    GOLAEM [Exhibitor]

    Golaem is a software company that focuses on populating 3D worlds with autonomous virtual
    humans. Golaem helps creators and engin...

  • Goldtec Technologies Ltd.

    Goldtec Technologies Ltd. [Exhibitor]

    At Goldtec we are, amongst other things, a manufacturer of unique technologies that are minded to the defense/HLS /Maritime indust...


    GOOCH & HOUSEGO [Exhibitor]

    Gooch & Housego is a global leader in photonics technology. Our expertise extends from research through the development of prototy...

  • Goodmill Systems Ltd.

    Goodmill Systems Ltd. [Visitor]

    Goodmill Systems Ltd. is a Global market leader in critical broadband connectivity for vehicles. Goodmill brings you revolutionary...

  • H.S.Q. Exports GmbH

    H.S.Q. Exports GmbH [Visitor]

    International Trade and Development,
    Supply of safety products for law-enforcement industry as personnel safety (looking for OEM...

  • Hagor Industries ltd

    Hagor Industries ltd [Exhibitor]

    For over 50 years Hagor is known for its innovative solutions and lifesa...

  • Hear & Know

    Hear & Know [Visitor]

    Hear & Know is a French SAS (French equivalent of a Ltd). This SME was created in 2012 by three founders coming from the research ...

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise [Exhibitor]

    HPE Security - Data Security drives leadership in data-centric security and encryption solutions. With over 80 patents and 51 year...

  • HGH Infrared Systems

    HGH Infrared Systems [Exhibitor]

    HGH was established in 1982 and has since then built strong skills and expertise in the field of infrared optronics.

  • Hologram Industries

    Hologram Industries [Exhibitor]

    Hologram. Industries is a Global Leader in security devices and systems offering an extensive range of innovative Solutions to gua...

  • HTT

    HTT [Exhibitor]

    Established in 2015, Hamard Tactical Technologies is positioned alongside users of the Armed forces and Law Enforcement forces as ...

  • id3 Technologies

    id3 Technologies [Exhibitor]

    Founded in 1990 in the French “Silicon Valley” near
    Grenoble France, id3 has since faced many challenges.
    Originally involved in...

  • IDenta Corp

    IDenta Corp [Exhibitor]

    Locations: USA, France, Israel.
    Type: Production and Sales.
    Topics: Drug Field Tests, Precursors of Drug Field Tests, Explosives...